Learn about new interconnect techniques that
can be used to increase the effective performance of processors, reduce power
consumption and relieve routing congestion. This webinar will demonstrate
configuration of new features in the CoreLink™ NIC-400 Network Interconnect to
show how QoS Virtual Networks can be used to prevent blocking and packetization
used to thin down links as well as show results on performance enhancements and
power reductions that can be achieved.

Who Should Attend:
This webinar is ideal for all system
architects and SoC designers using AMBA® AXI3™, AXI4™ or AMBA ACE-Lite™ in their

Orme, Strategic Marketing Manager, System IP, Processor Division,

William Orme, Strategic Marketing Manager for System IP,
Processor Division, ARM is responsible for the next generation of system IP in
the CoreLink and CoreSight product families. At ARM since 1996 he has lead the
introduction of many new products, including the ETM and subsequent CoreSight
multi-core debug and trace products. William has over 25 years in designing
embedded systems from financial dealing rooms, through industrial automation to
smartcard systems. William holds degrees in electronics and computer science as
well as an MBA.