Semiconductor businesses can achieve sustainable growth by driving innovation forward and entering new markets armed with a unique and diverse scope of products. Until recently, the drive was towards miniaturization to create more competitive devices, yet that solution is now reaching the limits of its sustainability.

With the recent proliferation of 2.5D/3D designs, advanced packaging solutions are becoming significantly more important. But, there are significant design challenges with this technology. For example, one of the most critical challenges in advanced packaging is to keep the semiconductor temperatures at bay. As a result, thermal design has become an increasingly important aspect of package design. Also, for advanced packaging to be an effective strategy, companies must overcome ECAD (Electronic Computer-Aided Design) and MCAD (Mechanical Computer-Aided Design) design challenges.

Join this webinar to learn how to address growing complexity in high-density advanced IC packaging with one seamless toolchain for design, simulation, and test.

Attendees will also learn about:

  • The benefits of one toolchain for design, simulation, and test
  • How to implement a standardized data format to enable seamless tool to tool exchanges
  • Developing integrated circuits faster through an integrated ECAD-MCAD-simulation ecosystem
  • A unique test approach that can apply a power step on the semiconductor die and measure its corresponding thermal response

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