Growing demand for vehicle electrification has been heightened by carbon emissions concerns, regulatory compliance, and energy costs. Increasing environmental awareness among consumers has also helped to bolster the market and create new opportunities for carmakers. The current electrification era also demands a real solution for more robust Power Inverter designs for controlling heavy traction motors in the vehicles.

This 45-minute webinar provides solutions to these challenges and demonstrates the design of a three-phase power inverter module with a hands-on showing the actual EV Power Inverter Control system spinning a motor. The EV Power Inverter Control reference design is a vehicle electrification complete system solution engineered to help customers to accelerate the next-generation of electric and hybrid vehicles (EV/HEV).

Attendees will:

  • Understand the global market trends, together with future challenges and solutions for more efficient Power Inverter systems to control heavy traction motors
  • Get an overview of functional safety solutions for a complete system.
  • Learn the technical details for an HEV/EV Inverter system and a quick deep-dive on the EV Power Inverter control reference design.