HDMI® is the leading digital video, audio and data interface connecting high-definition displays to a multitude of consumer electronics, gaming, pro-AV, PC, mobile, automotive, and other AV devices. With an installed base of almost 10 billion devices enabled with HDMI® technology, and close to a billion new HDMI-enabled devices coming to market in 2021 – plus exciting new HDMI2.1 features – it is poised for explosive growth.

In this webinar you will learn how the latest and greatest HDMI2.1 spec features, the HDMI® ecosystem and ADI’s leading HDMI2.1 solutions are enabling an immersive experience for the future. We will also divulge the key expertise needed to designing compliant high volume HDMI2.1 consumer products.

Attendees will also learn about:

  • Key HDMI2.1 features that the industry is excited about
  • Key requirements to build compliant HDMI2.1 system solutions
  • Innovative Audio/Video products, solutions & immersive consumer experiences that can be enabled with ADI’s HDMI2.1 designs
  • A path to robust HDMI® compliance, testing & interoperability