LTE LNA (low noise amplifiers) and quad LNA banks are becoming more and more popular on diversity applications. They improve smartphone data rates by up to 96% by providing a low noise figure, the exact gain and high linearity needed to help smartphone designers overcome the increasing losses and the deterioration of the system signal-to-noise ratio which allows for data rates up to 300Mbit/s – compared to 56Mbit/s in the latest 3G release.

As for the RF switches, depending on the number of bands supported, several RF switches with mid-range power capability are used for the diversity application.

This webinar will give you an insightful guideline how to achieve best RX diversity performance in your mobile communication application.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • Challenges for RX diversity design in smartphones
  • How to improve smartphone data rates by up to 96%
  • Infineon’s product portfolio addressing RX diversity front-ends

Who Should Attend:

  • R&D Engineers,
  • Application Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Test Engineers
  • Product Managers
  • RF Experts


Houssem Chouik,
Product Marketing Manager, Infineon Technologies AG, Munich

Houssem has been working as a product manager for RF products at Infineon Technologies since April 2012. Prior to that, Houssem has led different MMIC projects since he joined Infineon Technologies in 2008. He holds a MS degree in Microwave Engineering from the University of Technology in Munich, Germany.