Smart connected mobile devices are increasingly
used for a wide range of business, financial and entertainment uses.  These
platforms combine customer downloaded applications which may introduce malware,
as well as corporate applications, financial tools and content protection
schemes that enable the latest premium content.   There is a clear need to
build-in system wide security into modern Application Processors that can
protect assets such as crypto keys and user credentials against software and
hardware attack.   This webinar introduces ARM’s four compartment security model
and focuses on the TrustZone based Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) as an
important component of delivering secure services (including premium content)
and applications.  A section is included on how a correctly implemented
TrustZone based TEE system can be “Secure by default”. 

What registrants will learn:

  • Introduction
  • The Four Compartment Security Model
  • Comparing the Hypervisor and the TrustZone® based Trusted Execution
  • TrustZone® Media Protection
  • Achieving “Secure by default” using TrustZone® based TEE & TrustZone®

Rob Coombs, Security Marketing
Director, ARM

Rob has spent over 25 years in the chip and SoC IP
business in marketing, technical and leadership roles.  At ARM Rob ran the
global mobile segment marketing team for 5 years where he gained a deep
understanding of the mobile market.  He was part of the management team that
created Linaro as an open source engineering company and most recently has been
looking after the security ecosystem around Cortex-A® series processors.

Simon Moore,Security
Technical Marketing Director, ARM

Is a board member of
GlobalPlatform and looks after Technical Marketing for Security in ARM’s
Processor Division.  He has been involved with TrustZone since its creation over
10 years ago and has broad systems experience covering SoC and graphics.