Industrial backup applications and EVs have pushed battery packs to support higher voltage and capacity in more compact footprints. Battery manufacturers have greatly increased the energy density and capacity of Lithium-ion cells in the last few years. Panasonic will provide a summary of the available Lithium-ion technologies, with an emphasis on high capacity cells. Additional considerations when utilizing high capacity battery packs/arrays include fuel gauging, communication bus options (CANBus, SMBus, I2C), thermal management, fault protection, regulatory and transportation guidelines. Micro Power will outline new technologies and design considerations available for equipment manufacturers when considering their battery options for their mobile or stationary devices.

Dennis Malec, Senior Applications Engineer, Panasonic 
Dennis, who has had a wealth of experience as an engineer in several capacities. In addition to his thirteen year-long tenure at Panasonic, he was a Chargers Applications Engineer for seven years for ICC. Prior to that, he was an RF Design Engineer, Defense Electronics for Teledyne & Avantek. Dennis graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering from DeVry University.

Robin Sarah Tichy, PhD, Technical Marketing Manager, Micro Power Electronics, Inc.
Dr. Tichy has developed an expertise in translating market drivers into technical solutions in the battery and charger industry. Prior to joining Micro Power, she applied technical and project management skills to orchestrate and implement solutions to solve vital business problems at leading organizations like Hewlett Packard and International SEMATECH, in the semiconductor, nanotechnology and MEMS verticals. Dr. Tichy received a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Texas for her work in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells.