Microcontrollers (MCUs) are a fundamental computing machine that have found their way into nearly every research and design application, from simple light controllers through complex automobile engine controllers, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

While they are widely used, they come in many forms, with features and characteristics that are changing rapidly and that are tightly coupled to their intended application. As a result, for designers and researchers to get the most out of them, they must be fully aware of an MCU’s basic operation, understand how they are evolving, and be very familiar with how to apply their security features, particularly in data-intensive, embedded AI applications.

Three-Day Curriculum:

Part 1: Microcontroller Fundamentals –   Sept. 22nd 9amPT/12pm ET

This session will introduce the modern microcontroller, what it comprises, discuss where they used, and how to get started using and programming them for full designs or early research and prototype development.

Part 2: Selecting the Right Microcontroller  –  Sept. 23rd 9amPT/12pm ET

This session will explore modern trends and walk through how to properly select a microcontroller for a given application, with special emphasis on AI applications at the edge.

Part 3: Best Practices for Securing and Designing MCU-Based Systems  –  Sept. 24th 9amPT/12pm ET

This session will explore best practices for designing secure microcontroller applications and other tips and tricks for successfully developing microcontroller based applications. The practices and techniques will apply across the board, from lab-based R&D projects to fully deployable systems.

Sponsored by: iEEE