Join Arrow Electronics and Microsoft for a live, online webinar featuring the newest version of Windows® Embedded CE.

In these challenging times, engineers are being asked to reduce costs and get designs to market even faster. Windows CE 6.0 R3 can lower development costs and enable faster time to market with comprehensive feature sets and familiar, easy-to-use developer tools. Benefit from the familiarity of this high-confidence platform that was designed for connectivity, and create devices with an unmatched experience for the end user. Learn how you can skip the learning curve, and focus on opening the window to the next wave of revolutionary devices.

Learn from the Best!
Scott Figg, Systems Engineer, Arrow Electronics, and John Coyne, Systems Engineer, Microsoft will provide detailed information on the features, benefits, and best applications of Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3. Join Scott and John and witness for yourself this groundbreaking technology.

Learn how this sophisticated operating system:

  • Enables you to create differentiated devices that deliver immersive user experiences and rich connected experiences
  • Delivers some of the best embedded tools and technologies to help you build reliable, powerful, and intelligent embedded devices for your customers
  • Helps you create compelling consumer and enterprise devices by adding technologies like Silverlight and Internet Explorer Embedded
  • Enables natural input capabilities and gesture animations with its plug-in engine
  • Provides infrastructure technology to manage multiple network interfaces on the device

And that's just the beginning!

Scott Figg, Systems Engineer, Arrow Electronics
For the last five years, Arrow employee Scott Figg has been awarded the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award. Microsoft MVPs rank among the world's most exceptional technical community leaders, and they are awarded for voluntarily sharing their high-quality, real-world expertise. Tap into Scott's extensive knowledge at this informative webinar.

John Coyne, Systems Engineer, Microsoft
John Coyne is part of the North American Systems Engineering Team at Microsoft, focusing on Windows Embedded. He has been with Microsoft since 2007, and prior worked with the North American Embedded Distribution channel. He's been working with Windows Embedded for 10 years and is a speaker at various events. Learn from John's vast knowledge during this webinar.