The reliability of high-power GaN HEMTs, employed in high power amplifiers, is driven by peak temperatures within the base semiconductor technology. As such, the design engineer must carefully consider the thermal environment presented to a high-power amplifier.

This webinar will discuss how peak temperatures in the GaN HEMT’s semiconductor translate to its reliability. Thermal properties of leading semiconductor substrates, silicon carbide and silicon, will be compared and the concept of thermal resistance will be introduced. The effect of transistor packaging as well as the importance of proper transistor assembly will also be discussed. Finally, a practical RF high power example will be presented.

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • How the operating temperature of a GaN RF HEMT translates to reliability
  • What is thermal resistance of a GaN RF HEMT
  • Difference between Pulsed and CW thermal resistance
  • How to calculate peak operating temperatures of GaN RF HEMTs based on datasheet parameters
  • Proper assembly of high power GaN devices