The Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes or MDO4000 from
Tektronix represent a new paradigm in instrumentation. The MDO is designed
specifically to make time correlated measurements between digital, analog, and
RF signals simultaneously in both the time and frequency domain. For the first
time, an engineer now has an integrated tool to analyze complex RF behavior that
has been difficult to verify with separate instruments.

This webinar is ideal for the embedded designer that is attempting to
understand the RF signal integrity of their design and correlate time and
frequency measurements.

In this webinar, you will learn

  • Industry trends driving the need for measurement domain correlation
  • An overview of the MDO capabilities and topology
  • Learn about common behaviors of RF that make impact your design
  • Several common use case examples:
    • Debugging embedded wireless devices
    • How to troubleshoot EMI in embedded designs
    • How to correlate time and frequency domain behaviors of RF signals