This webcast begins a three-part series focusing on the conversion of analog, electrical signals (by the sensors and amplifiers discussed in our first three classes) into digital signals, which can then be analyzed and manipulated by DSP, microcontrollers, and other embedded processors. But before we can use a data converter, we need to first understand the fundamentals of sampled data systems; unipolar and bipolar codes, transfer functions, Nyquist theory, and filters, among others.

Who should attend?
Students and engineers new to the field, as well as those more experienced engineers looking for a refresher on this or any other part of the signal chain, design, and layout.

David Kress, Director of Technical Marketing, Analog Devices
David Kress earned both his BSCE and MSCE for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. David was first a designer of medical electronic equipment before joining Analog Devices in 1972 as an IC designer. For many years David led ADI’s technical support team, and he is currently the Director of Technical Marketing.