In this third webcast of our 12-part series on the Fundamentals of Designing with Semiconductors for Signal Processing Applications, we
move to the heart of the signal chain: the DSP. The world is analog but most products require a digital interface. This session describes the basics of Digital Signal Processing and DSP architectures. In addition to this, we will go through Analog Devices’ portfolio of Processors-DSPs, how they map into the different market segments and applications, as well as the supported hardware and software tools that make DSP system development possible.

Who should attend?
Students and engineers new to the field, as well as those more experienced engineers looking for a refresher on DSP and Embedded Processing.

Maikel Kokaly-Bannourah earned a B.Eng Hons. in Electrical and Electronics from the University of Hertfordshire (UK) and an MBA from the MBA Business School in Las Palmas (Spain). Maikel holds a Senior Applications Engineering position in the Processor-DSP Core Processors and Technologies group at Analog Devices. He is responsible for supporting ADI European distribution partners, serving as their technical contact within the company, as well as conducting DSP trainings for the channel field application engineers. Maikel joined Analog Devices in the year 2000 and has developed extensive experience with TigerSHARC, SHARC and Blackfin Processor families.