While Op Amps are the most common signal chain building block, there are many other amps that are better suited for certain applications and circuits. In this, the third webcast of our 12-part series on the Fundamentals of Designing with Semiconductors for Signal Processing Applications, we look at the Difference Amp, the Instrumentation Amp, the Log Amp, and other important amplifiers, and explain when to use and how to select each to maximize your circuits performance.

Who should attend?
Students and engineers new to the field, as well as those more experienced engineers looking for a refresher on this or any other part of the signal chain, design, and layout.

Dave Kress, Director of Technical Marketing, Analog Devices, Inc.
David Kress earned both his BSCE and MSCE for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. David was first a designer of medical electronic equipment before joining Analog Devices in 1972 as an IC designer. For many years David led ADI’s technical support team, and he is currently the Director of Technical Marketing.