Embedded systems increasingly use a combination of digital, analog and RF signals. Because of this, debugging and analyzing these systems can be a challenge. This webinar will discuss how an oscilloscope can be used to efficiently debug these systems across both the time and frequency domains, along with some of the instrumentation challenges that go along with this.

After the webinar, attendees will understand:

  • The challenges of debugging mixed domain embedded systems
  • Frequency domain analysis and FFT basics
  • Time gating: How to correlate between the time and frequency domains
  • Frequency Domain Mask: Triggering in the frequency domain
  • Live Example: Debug of a noise issue on a digitally controlled attenuator chain

Who should attend:

Engineers, technicians and designers who work with embedded systems that contain RF, digital and analog signals.


Rich Markley

Oscilloscope Product Manager, Rohde & Schwarz

Rich Markley has spent the past ten years focusing on digital oscilloscopes and supporting customers with their oscilloscope applications. He holds an EE from Kansas State University and an MBA from the University of Colorado. Prior to joining Rohde & Schwarz, Rich was the strategic product planner for oscilloscopes at Agilent Technologies.”