This month we begin a two-part series on
frequency synthesis, with an introduction to Phased Locked Loops. This webcast looks at
the need for frequency generation, the techniques from the past present and
future, and how to assess the performance of a frequency synthesis, and real
world applications. Particular attention will be focused on Phase Locked Loops
(PLL’s) as frequency synthesizers.

Who should attend?
Students and engineers new to the
field of RF and instrumentation design, as well as those more experienced
engineers looking for a refresher on this topic.

Ian Collins, Staff Applications
Engineer, ADI

Ian Collins is a staff applications engineer in Analog
devices with over ten years experience working with Microwave and RF frequency
synthesis. Ian graduated from the National University of Ireland with a degree
in Electrical Engineering & Microelectronics in 2000. When not answering
customer queries on phase locked loops Ian is a keen photographer and amateur