With the uncertainty in today's economy, high-tech companies are merging or going out of business at an alarming rate. This makes it even more important to incorporate flexible design practices that enable multiple sources for each of the components on your system. Without multiple qualified sources of your NVM memories, you could find yourself in an emergency situation with no warning and no supplier. This requires pulling your valuable resources from new, innovative products to reworking the software and hardware on an old design, pushing schedule for your new product introduction.

This 45 minute webinar will cover various hardware and software solutions that will provide your design supply flexibility and some insurance against supply interruptions. Examples of these practices are dual footprints, flexible software and designing with highly compatible devices from multiple companies. Targeted audience is PCB board and systems Design engineers, procurement managers and program managers for embedded application devices.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Flexible board design practices
  • Software development practices
  • Memory Component sourcing considerations
  • Presenter:
    Dave Brannam is the Technical Marketing Manager in the Embedded Business Group at Numonyx. He has worked in the high-tech industry for 30 years – 29 years at Intel Corporation and one year at Numonyx. Dave spent several years as a product development engineer for DRAMs, microprocessors and flash memory devices, then later was a program manager, managing several product development programs for Flash Memories and Centrino Chipsets. Dave has a broad background including product testing, manufacturing, PCB Design, program management and department management for both engineering and marketing.