Wouldn’t it be great if you could use the same
power design block over and over again? In order to do that, you need a
switching regulator that can meet the demands of almost any application. To
achieve that level of design simplicity, there are five key attributes your next
switching regulator should have. This presentation will outline those five
critical items and how they will change the way you think about power design.

Five lucky attendees of the live webinar will receive a free ISL85415 demo
board in a random drawing that will be held after the webinar has ended. Click
for official rules and regulations.

What attendees will learn:

  • Learn why Synchronous Buck is better than Standard Buck
  • Learn about protection features around a Buck regulator to protect your load

Sampath, Infrastructure Marketing Manager, Intersil

Bharat is an
Infrastructure Marketing Manager at Intersil. He has a masters in Electrical
Engineering and was an Applications and Systems Engineer in DC-DC conversion for
7 years before joining Intersil in 2012 as a Marketing Manager. Bharat defines
and manages the switching regulator portfolio for the Infrastructure group and
currently manages the multi-phase switching regulator product line.