Manually closing SI timing across multiple scenarios during signoff is a challenge – it simply takes too long. Learn how customers are saving weeks using the latest ECO fixing capabilities in PrimeTime 2010.06 and IC Compiler to automatically fix thousands of violations during signoff.

This technical webinar will explain how IC Compiler and PrimeTime can be used to close timing during signoff. It will focus on the use of Distributed Multi-Scenario Analysis for automatic set-up and hold fixing, and will explain new PrimeTime 2010.06 DRC fixing capabilities. Attendees will learn how to minimize fixing run times, which approaches are best for closing setup and hold violations, and how to deploy SI fixing most effectively. Please join us to see how customers have improved their fixing flows by 5x and reduced the number of timing violations by 100x, or more.

This 30 minute webinar will be followed by a Q&A session with our Corporate Applications and R&D teams.

Who should attend:
Designers & managers responsible for reducing the time required for design implementation and timing signoff.

Uyen Tran, Director, CAE, Synopsys Implementation Group

Uyen Tran is a Corporate Applications Engineering Director at Synopsys. Uyen’s team is responsible for application of technologies in the area of static timing analysis and signoff. She has been with Synopsys since 1997, and has been involved in the deployment of PrimeTime VX statistical timing analysis, Advanced On-Chip Variation, CCS timing delay calculation, PrimeTime Distributed Multi-Scenario Analysis, and NanoTime transistor-level static timing analysis. Uyen received her MS in Electrical Engineering at Santa Clara University and her BSEE from the University of California at Davis.

Jennifer Pyon, Senior Staff Engineer, CAE, Synopsys Implementation Group
Jennifer Pyon is a senior staff Corporate Applications Engineer supporting PrimeTime. She started her career as an IC design engineer and then joined Synopsys in 1996. While here at Synopsys Jennifer has worked in our design consulting group, as an applications engineer, and in tool development. She was involved with the roll-out of PrimeTime’s statistical timing analysis product, and most recently with the PrimeTime ECO capabilities which are the subject of today’s webinar. Jennifer received her BS in Electrical Engineering from Ajou University in South Korea.