The Long-term Servicing Channel (LTSC) version of Windows IoT Enterprise is best suited for special-purpose devices that perform a pre-defined set of tasks – such as medical equipment, point-of-sale systems, ATMs, signage, etc. This channel offers device stability, secure operation, and long-term support. Understanding the licensing and the process for implementing the LTSC version simplifies development and management of the devices.

Join Arrow’s Ken Marlin, three-time Microsoft MVP, and Tze Chiew, Microsoft Alliance Manager for EMEA while they discuss how you can benefit from using the LTSC version of Windows IoT Enterprise. Best practices and implementation strategies for quick onboarding will also be discussed.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Benefits of using the Window for IoT Enterprise LTSC versions
  • Best practices for implementing Windows IoT operating systems
  • Licensing and OEM Certificate of Authentication (COA) overview and options
  • Getting started


Fast Track Windows IOT Enterprise LTSC Implementations