As Ethernet speeds increase, the ability to validate performance down to nanosecond levels is critical for developing, validating, and baselining Ethernet components and systems. This webinar is focused on helping people who develop and validate new high-speed Ethernet equipment to understand the new requirements needed, what drives this nanosecond-level requirement, and how to make measurements that are valid and consistent in both lab and field environments.

Whether you are an IC vendor wishing to tune the performance of your silicon and firmware, a module vendor optimizing your product, or a network element vendor developing the lowest-latency products for automated trading performance, consistent and accurate measurements with nanosecond precision are key to a successful product. Learn from Viavi’s experience based on decades of precision measurement.

Attendees will also learn:

  • Why precision latency measurements are important at both the component and system level
  • The best practices in undertaking these measurements to get meaningful and accurate results.