As chip manufacturing geometrics decrease, the ESD sensitivity increases. This results in external/additional ESD protection considerations by the Design Engineers in order to avoid any system failure due to ESD strikes. This webinar will provide insight in the latest ESD protection trends, the interface ESD protection devices available and the choices to be considered while selecting the right ESD protection device. A focus will be put on typical industrial application needs.

What will attendees learn?

  • Overview of ESD phenomena: ESD damage mechanisms and ESD Standards used.
  • ESD considerations including silicon vs. non-silicon based protection solutions.
  • Discrete and Integrated Discrete (passive and actives) solutions portfolio overview, comprising:
    • Standard speed ports (RS232, RS485, Serial/parallel ports)
    • High speed ports (USB3.0, LVDS, HDMI)
    • Special (Ethernet, keypad/touchscreen)

Who should attend?

  • Application Engineers, Distributor Sales Engineers, Design/Hardware Engineers, Product Quality Engineers, Test Engineers, System Architects, Engineering Management
  • Engineering Students

Henning Riedel, Product Marketing Manager Diodes – General Applications Discretes – NXP Semiconductors
Henning is since April 2009 the responsible Product Marketing Manager (PMM) for all NXP Protection and Zener diodes. In this role, he creates the roadmaps, guides the development projects and supports the sales organization for the protection and Zener portfolio. He joined NXP in January 2007 and is based at the NXP site in Hamburg.

Henning has a Diploma in physics and economics from the University of Ulm as well as a M.Sc. degree in physics from University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth.

Martin Pilaski, Technical Marketing Manager, Integrated Discretes – Standard Products – NXP Semiconductors
Martin is since January 2008 responsible for worldwide technical marketing of Integrated Discretes ESD protection devices and EMI filters. In this role he counsels customers during their design process, creates technical product specifications and provides trainings for sales and application engineers. He joined NXP (Philips) Semiconductors in January 2005 and has several years of experience as a design engineer. Martin holds a diploma in Computer Engineering from Mannheim University.