Manufacturing products for electronics,
semiconductor and high-tech companies has become much more complex in recent
years. Companies need to increase operational efficiency, drive down costs and
reduce cycle times all while sustaining or increasing quality.

Implementing an enterprise quality management system will allow companies to
optimize quality, ensure compliance and reduce operational costs and risks.
Flexible and configurable EQMS software allows enterprises to adapt to
company-specific business processes, enabling users to define, track, manage and
report on the core activities and processes vital to their success.

Please join the Aberdeen Group’s Mariela Koenig, Research Director, and Sparta Systems’ Mohan
Ponnudurai, Industry Solution Director on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 11:00am
EDT for an upcoming webinar on “Enterprise Quality Management for Manufacturing:
Increase Brand Reputation through High Quality Products”.

Mariela Koenig, Research Director, Aberdeen Group

Mohan Ponnudurai,
Industry Solution Director, Sparta Systems, Inc.