Battery capacity doubles every 10 years while processing power doubles every 2 years, making energy constrained applications difficult. Despite this, there is abundant energy in our environment from sources such as light, vibration, body heat, chemical, RF. Battery-free operation across applications is made possible by Texas Instruments BQ energy harvesting devices, and MSP430 ultra-low-power FRAM microcontrollers.

In this webinar, you will learn when energy harvesting makes sense in an application, the characteristics of a typical system and how TI microcontrollers and analog can make this all possible. TI’s provision of the lowest power microcontrollers in the industry and a highly integrated energy harvesting Nano-Power management solution offer a full solution for meeting the special needs of ultra-low-power applications.


  • Energy Harvesting Defined
  • Ultra Low Power Microcontroller
  • Key Features
  • Design Solutions and Resources

About TI’s MSP430 ultra-low-power FRAM MCUs and BQ Series Energy Harvesting Devices
MSP430FR59x/69x microcontrollers, the lowest power microcontrollers in the industry, feature a plethora of integrated analog and a full software ecosystem to enable such applications . The bq25570 is a highly integrated energy harvesting Nano-Power management solution that is well suited for meeting the special needs of ultra-low-power applications. This product is specifically designed to efficiently acquire and manage the microwatts (μW) to milliwatts (mW) of power generated from a variety of DC sources like photovoltaic (solar) or thermal electric generators. Together these two parts and the cc1101 sub1-ghz radio offer a full solution for these types of applications.

Event Offers:
For a limited time Avnet and Texas Instruments will be offering free EVMs, discounted EVMs and associated EVM bundles to customers who register and view the webinar. Details will be provide during the webinar.


Peter Dipo-Ajayi
PME Microcontroller Group, Texas Instruments

Peter Dipo-Ajayi is a PME with TI’s MCU group, responsible for MSP430 FRAM products as well as various MSP+Analog initiatives. He joined TI after studying Electrical Engineering and gaining product marketing experience in an industrial setting. He is very excited about the collaboration between ultra-low-power microcontrollers and battery management solutions enabling energy harvesting.

Jason Haedt
Field Applications Engineer, Avnet Electronics Marketing

Jason is a field applications engineer for Avnet in the Wisconsin marketplace. He enjoys helping customers choose technologies that can help accelerate their success in designs. He has a passion for low power microcontrollers, wireless technologies, and embedded software. When he is not playing with, learning about, or teaching electronics, he enjoys spending time with his family. Jason enjoys reading technical articles and playing soccer.