USB-to-serial applications has been traditionally
supported by 8-bit microcontrollers but now with the advent of the Cortex-M0 USB
LPC11U00 microcontroller series, customers can expect much more performance and
better code density while maintaining lower power at a much lower cost. Also, by
offering USB drivers (HID, MSD, CDC) in ROM, free Product IDs and easy-to-use
tools with the LPC11U00 low cost USB Cortex-M0 microcontrollers, NXP delivers
all the key ingredients that embedded engineers need for successful USB
application development. This webinar will focus on the “USB-to-serial”
application and discuss the advantages of switching from traditional 8-bit to a
32-bit NXP LPC11U24 microcontroller, including the steps designers need to take
to see the resulting benefits of reduced cost, lower power, enhanced
performance, and faster time-to-market.

What attendees will

  • Key benefits of using the USB ROM drivers in the LPC11U00 series.
  • How to switch effectively from 8-,16-bit to 32-bit Cortex-M0 LPC11U00
  • USB hardware and firmware design suggestions

Bhojraj, Product Marketing Manager, NXP

As a Product Marketing
Manager, Amit is responsible for the LPC1100 Cortex-M0 microcontroller family.
He started his career with Philips Semiconductors and he has been involved with
ARM based microcontrollers for the last 10 years. Amit has led several global
product launches and is also responsible for managing the ecosystem for his
product family. In his previous roles, he was involved in the Technical
Marketing function where he launched LPCZone, NXP Microcontroller’s first online
training portal and he has also worked with several key customers as a
Applications engineer. Amit holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering
from University of Mumbai and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from George
Mason University.

Athani, Director and Co-Founder, NGX Technologies

Ashwin Athani is
the Director and co-founder of NGX Technologies. He holds a Bachelors degree in
electronics and communications. At NGX he drives the ARM microcontroller tool
design, Industrial reference designs, design services, sales, marketing and
strategic partnership initiatives. Prior to starting NGX journey, he has served
organisations like Encore software (the makers of Simputer) where he gained
expertise over microcontroller design and RF networking. He later moved to
MindTree Consulting, where he was involved in RTOS porting, Bluetooth solutions
and microcontroller validation for the ARM controllers.