Lighting today consumers approximately 19% of the worlds energy…while NXP is fervently working on enabling more efficient lighting sources like CFL and Solid State LED (SSL) we are also dedicated to finding smarter ways to use and control these energy efficient lighting sources to save even more energy. By enabling new usage models, NXP’s GreenChip smart lighting technology can make the Internet-enabled, energy-efficient lighting network a reality—not only for consumers in the home, but also for commercial applications. NXP’s technology provides a robust wireless solution, which enables new ways to control lights and manage energy consumption. Proof for the “Internet of Things”—a world in which every home appliance can be monitored and controlled via an IP address.

What will attendees learn? 

  • Overview of the NXP’s smart wireless lighting network solution
  • Why an IP based network ? 
  • How to design a light bulb / light fixture using NXP solution
  • How the lighting network can be controlled via simple remotes and / or smart phones / tablets
  • How NXPs solution can easily extend to cover complete home automation and the “Internet of Things” 
  • How to get reference designs to speed product development

Who should attend? 
Design Engineer, Management, Marketing, Purchasing & Procurement Consultant, Student/Educator, Journalist, Analyst

Paul Wilson, Regional Marketing Manager, Power and Lighting Solutions, NXP Semiconductors
Paul has 17yrs experience in the semiconductor industry with Philips Semiconductors and later NXP Semiconductors. He has been responsible for marketing the company’s RF businesses in Europe and the Americas. More recently, Paul has the responsibility for managing the marketing team developing the Power and Lighting business and the High Performance RF business in the Americas region. 

Jacob van der Pol, Marketing Manager Smart Lighting Network Solutions, Business Line Power & Lighting Solutions, NXP Semiconductors
Jacob van der Pol has more than 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry and has held a wide range of positions within NXP (formerly Philips Semiconductors) including research, reliability engineering and failure analysis, wafer fab process engineering and development, yield and quality improvement, marketing and general management of product lines, as well as business development in the automotive, power management and RF markets. Currently he is responsible for business development and marketing of NXP’s Smart Lighting Network solutions. 

Colin Faulkner, Product Manager, Low Power RF Solutions, NXP
Colin is the Product Manager responsible for NXP’s Low Power RF hardware solutions –  JN5148 chips and  modules. He also has responsibility for promoting solutions into the Lighting and Consumer market segments. Involved in IEEE802.15.4 and ZigBee since their inception in 2003, he also has an extensive background in RF systems for wireless communications, ranging from marine radar, through digital cordless phones and wireless LAN to wireless sensor networks, in engineering, applications and marketing.