In addition to BIOS, UEFI, and Intel® Boot Loader
Development Kit (Intel® BLDK) that have been traditionally enabled by Intel,
Intel has created the Intel® Firmware Support Package (Intel® FSP) to further
satisfy the versatile needs of the Intel® Intelligent Systems ecosystem, which
creates products covering a wide range of system designs beyond PC architecture
with the Intel® Atom™ and Intel® Core™ processors. With Intel FSP, customers can
create and develop innovative products using any suitable firmware boot loader
solutions in the market, such as: BIOS, RTOS (VxWorks, QNX Neutrino, etc.), Open
Source solutions (Coreboot, U-Boot, Linux, etc.), and other proprietary and
non-proprietary boot solutions. This technical presentation will talk about:

  • Intel FSP design principle and contents
  • Intel FSP integration and programming interface
  • Intel FSP build and tool requirements
  • Intel FSP support model and release plan

What the
Attendees will Learn:

  • What Intel Firmware Support Package (Intel FSP) is and what makes it great
    for the intelligent system market
  • Philosophy and design principles of Intel FSP
  • Key features Intel FSP supports
  • Technical details with sample implementation code walk-through

Who Should Attend:
BIOS developers, UEFI developers, RTOS
developers, Firmware developers, embedded system designers, architects who are
looking for opportunities to convert from competing architectures to Intel

Jiming Sun, Sr.
Software Architect, Intel

Jiming Sun is a veteran in the PC industry
with a specialty in firmware and BIOS. He was among the first batch of firmware
engineers who worked on System Management Mode software, and one of the
initiators for ACPI and UEFI. Jiming held many key technical and managerial
positions at various renowned companies, such as: Bell Labs, HP, Insyde, AMD,
Dell, and Apple. He is currently a Senior Software Architect in Intelligent
Systems Group of Intel Corporation. He holds 18 granted US patents with two
Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and Management in Science
& Technology. Outside of work, Jiming enjoys travel, hiking, photographing,
and tennis.