Electronic Warfare (EW) systems often require wide instantaneous bandwidths across broad frequency ranges. 28nm process converters, broadband MMICs, and a standardized baseband interface now simplify EW system design, test and deployment. Similarly, integrated, single-IC transceivers provide alternative small-size, low-power EW solutions. This webcast details the benefits of these devices to those interested in gaining an edge in the EW industry:

  • Wideband, smaller-feature-size process enables high sample-rate ADCs / DACs to simplify EW and phased-array radio designs.
  • Wideband MMIC amplifiers and mixers allow for broad instantaneous bandwidths.
  • JESD204 IP simplifies board layouts and integrated transceivers create alternative, low SWaP EW and phased-array solutions.

Who Should Attend: Those interested in EW or phased-array system design who would benefit from wideband converters and monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) and/or more-integrated ICs.


Mike Jones, Principal Electrical Design Engineer, Analog Devices

Mike Jones joined Analog Devices in 2016 and is a Principal Electrical Design Engineer working in the Aerospace and Defense Business Unit in Greensboro, North Carolina (NC). From 2007 until 2016 he worked at General Electric in Wilmington, NC as a Microwave Photonics design engineer working on optical solutions for the nuclear industry. He is a graduate of NC State University and received his BSEE and BSCPE in 2004, and his MSEE in 2006.