This webinar is intended to provide a high level knowledge of Intel® BLDK with Atom and the benefits of using Intel® BLDK in the embedded market. It will focus on the platforms that Intel® BLDK supports as well as the features available. It will also explain the ecosystem that is supporting Intel® BLDK and how to get support.

Attendees will learn:

  • What Intel® BLDK is and what makes it great for the embedded market
  • Key features Intel® BLDK supports
  • The current roadmap of supported platforms with Intel® BLDK
  • The support available for companies that want to use it

Drew Jensen, Intel® BLDK Marketing Manager, Low-power Embedded Product Division, Intel
Drew has been an engineer in the software and technology industry for over 25 years. Drew has been with Intel’s Embedded Group for the past 10 years, where he has been involved in marketing and support for all areas of software supporting Intel CPUs and Chipsets. Drew is currently the Product Marketing Manager for the Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit (Intel® BLDK).

Gabe Hattaway, BIOS Business Alliance Manager (BAM), Embedded Alliance Group, Intel
Gabe is responsible for the BLDK ecosystem enablement in the Embedded and Communications Group (ECG). He has 11 years of experience at Intel Corporation and 9 of those years have been with the embedded group. In his time at Intel, he has been a software engineer, software technical marketing engineer, and software program manager. He has worked on the Intel® Atom™ Microprocessor family since the first Atom™ processor was introduced in 2008.