Android, despite its close association with smart phones, is in fact a powerful open-source framework for a wide range of embedded systems. Android provides a Linux kernel and a software stack that together can solve many of the task-control, connectivity, user-interface, and security issues embedded developers face in their next generation of systems designs. In addition, the Android environment offers relative hardware-independence and a huge community of applications.
But debug in the Android world can be challenging for developers used to simpler software stacks. This is not a project to undertake armed only with the trusty printf.
This webinar will illustrate a number of the key challenges of developing Android-based embedded systems. Then using a MIPS-based debug tool set, we will show you how to:

  • Pursue bugs from application code right into the Android stack and even the Linux kernel, even run mode.
  • Debug a system comprising source code modules in different languages, from a single cockpit
  • Understand what is going on across the entire Android platform when your application is running

If you think Android might be the solution to your next set of design challenges, don’t miss this primer on debugging Android systems.
All live attendees will be entered into a drawing for an Arriba Android Adoption kit and Broadcom STB Development Board.  Please see Official Rules for more information.
Hieu T. Tran, CEO-Founder, Viosoft Corporation
Hieu Tran founded Viosoft in 1996. Hieu and the Viosoft team have consistently delivered state-of-the-art embedded Linux tools to thousands of developers worldwide. The superior performance of the Viosoft debug tools were recently acknowledged at a major tradeshow by VDC with an award identifying their Android and Linux development kits as best of show. Hieu Tran was one of the first to recognize the impact that Android would have on the consumer products industry and deployed mixed language debug tools for Android in early 2009. Hieu is a graduate of the Tandem’s Guardian OS team and holds a BS degree from UCLA. He is a frequent presenter to Fortune 100 companies on development and debug techniques for embedded Linux and Android applications.
Rick Leatherman, Vice President, Development Tools, MIPS Technologies, Inc.
Prior to joining MIPS Technologies, Rick was the founder of First Silicon Solutions (FS2) which was acquired by MIPS in 2005. He has over 20 years’ experience in development tools at companies including Intel, Microtek and Microcosm. Since 1999, Mr. Leatherman has been a champion of On-Chip Instrumentation (OCI®), a concept that has become widely adopted in the embedded tools industry. He has a EE degree Magna Cum Laude from Virginia Tech and an MBA from the Tuck Business School at Dartmouth College. He has written numerous articles on development tools and is listed as “co-inventor” on both issued and pending patents.