The marketplace for Telecom/Datacom hardware is in decline and software has emerged as the true value proposition. With hardware and component availability changing nearly bi-annually, issues such as code preservation, code reuse and documentation maintenance have become paramount for software and systems developers. Join Jerry Krasner, an expert analyst from Embedded Market Forecasters (EMF), as he reveals the results of a survey given to over 450 embedded developers on modeling and how it can impact telecom and datacom design outcomes. At the presentation, you will obtain powerful insights about time-to-market, percent of designs completed behind schedule, cancellations and the relationship between pre-design expectations and final design results (for performance, systems functionality and features and schedule), and more.

jerry_krasner.gifJerry Krasner, Vice President, Embedded Market Forecasters, American Technology International

Jerry Krasner, Ph.D., MBA is Vice President of Embedded Market Forecasters and its parent company, American Technology International. A recognized authority with over 30 years of embedded industry experience, Dr. Krasner was formerly Chairman of Biomedical Engineering at Boston University, and Chairman of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Wentworth Institute of Technology. In addition to his academic appointments, Dr. Krasner served as President of Biocybernetics, Inc. and CLINCO, Inc., Executive Vice President of Plasmedics, Inc. and Clinical Development Corporation, and Director of Medical Sciences for the Carnegie-Mellon Institute of Research.