Organizations developing embedded flight software to the DO-178B standard today face mounting challenges to successful product delivery and certification. Driven to rely increasingly on software to enable innovation, reduce cost, and decrease time-to-market, organizations are experiencing significant increases in certification-related costs and schedule delays.  

Join Steve Denman, a consultant from the Integrity Business Unit, Product Marketing team at PTC, in a presentation on these challenges and how Integrity, a PTC product for integral software system lifecycle management helps organizations solve these challenges by providing:

  • Full traceability across all lifecycle artifacts;
  • Clear visibility into product release and certification readiness;
  • A single source of truth across the lifecycle;
  • Branching and reuse of all lifecycle artifacts enabling effective component reuse and software product line implementation;
  • Fine-grained integration of model driven development tools; and
  • Flexible workflow, reporting, and metrics enabling organizations to employ agile methods while still meeting rigorous certification requirements.

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals with an active technical role in the development, validation and verification, or acceptance of embedded flight software certified to the DO-178B/ED-12B standard, including software engineering managers, software developers, testers, and DERs.
  • Anyone with an interest or direct role in anticipating and planning for certification of flight software to the coming DO-178C/ED-12C standard. 


What the Registrant Will Learn

  • Challenges other organizations are facing in developing and certifying embedded flight software today
  • Why DO-178B/ED-12B certification is not getting easier
  • How Integrity is being used to address these challenges
  • What to expect from the new DO-178C/ED-12C revision and how it will impact certification processes and tools
  • How Integrity will help organizations adapt to the changes in the upcoming ā€˜Cā€™ revision

Stephen Denman, Product Marketing Consultant, PTC
Stephen Denman is a Product Marketing Consultant for the PTC Integrity Business Unit where he is responsible for creating the go-to-market strategy and sales enablement materials for solutions built on Integrity, a PTC product.Integrity is the leading Software System Lifecycle Management (SSLM) solution for high velocity engineering.

With more than 25 years of industry experience, Stephen has a particular focus and knowledge on embedded software development for aerospace and defense. During his 13 years at Sandia National Laboratories he was involved in nuclear weapons engineering and the development of CAD/CAM/CAE automation for weapon development and the production lifecycle. He later served as Program Manager for Sandia’s FAA enterprise systems for aviation safety program. At Rational Software and IBM he spent 7 years as a consultant and field engineer, delivering process and tools consulting around lifecycle disciplines including requirements, design, testing, and change and configuration management. Following this he spent six years running a consulting company where he focused on large-scale deployment of systems and software lifecycle management processes and tools, before joining MKS. Stephen holds a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University.