The proliferation of wireless interfaces operating in different bands with varying bandwidths and coding schemes has driven development toward a single “black box” software defined radio (SDR). The SDR has typically been confined to military or aerospace applications, but Moore’s Law and advanced RF conversion and signal-processing hardware have combined to move SDR downstream to private networks, commercial drones, industrial IoT, and first responders.

To help engineers bring the benefits of software defined radio (SDR) to the masses, this 3-part course, from 3 of the world’s leading experts, will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of SDR, some of the latest enabling technologies, some practical design examples to show the state of the art of SDR design and implementation. It will finish with a moderated open panel to address attendee questions and the future of SDR.


Dr. Carl Dietrich, Research Associate Professor, Virginia Tech, Partner, Software Defined Radio Solutions, LLC

Dr. Carl Dietrich is Research Associate Professor at Virginia Tech and Partner at Software Defined Radio Solutions, LLC. At Virginia Tech he leads research related to wireless communications including spectrum sharing, cognitive radio, software-defined radio (SDR), and radio wave propagation. He mentors students, teaches, and develops educational materials and courses. At Software Defined Radio Solutions, Dr. Dietrich and his partners are dedicated to teaching the intricacies of the emerging field of software defined radio.

Dr. Dietrich has worked at Virginia Tech, Bell Northern Research, and the Defense Information Systems Agency. A licensed Professional Engineer in Virginia, he earned a BS EE degree from Texas A&M University, and MS EE and PhD EE degrees from Virginia Tech. He has served as chair of the Wireless Innovation Forum’s Educational Special Interest Group, is a Senior Member of IEEE, a member of ACM, ASEE, and Eta Kappa Nu, and an Extra class amateur radio operator.

Patrick Mannion, Consultant, ClariTek, LLC

Engineer and technology analyst, writer and content development strategist focused on the electronics industry. Makes strategic content and editorial decisions to help the engineering community stay informed and manages design risk through live and online channels and events. Combines electronics engineering education and experience to provide the latest educational curriculum for engineers.