Electronics is transforming how health professionals monitor and manage patient care, and treat and cure disease. Electronic is also changing how individuals manage their own health and communicate with their healthcare provider. Indeed, the market for home health care products is expected to explode in the next few years.
Join presenters from Arrow Electronics, MKS, Panasonic Industrial, and Texas Instruments as we explore technology developments in the design of next-generation medical and tele-health devices with a focus on analog signal control and wireless communications. Participants will hear from Texas Instruments about advances in analog front-end (AFE) design for medical products and from Panasonic about the PAN1315 Bluetooth RF module for consumer health devices. In addition, MKS Inc. will provide insight into how OEMs can reduce the cost and increase the speed of the regulatory compliance approval process-a critically important consideration in the business success of any medical device.
Who should attend:
Business and engineering managers, product marketing managers, design engineers in the medical electronics sector, as well as hospital and health care administrators.
Bruce Rayner, Contributing Editor and Commentator, EETimes

Ryan Lloyd, Product Manager, MKS Solutions for Medical Devices, MKS Inc.

Veronica Marques, Business Development Manager, Medical Business Unit, Texas Instruments Incorporated

Robert Bolson, Director, Medical Business Segment, Arrow Electronics
Richard Trueman, Custom Components Product Manager, Panasonic