From the battlefield to the factory, hospital, highway, ocean and even the living room, robotic systems are becoming more sophisticated and indispensible. But the next decade will see a dramatic increase in the functionality of these robotic systems. Government, university, and corporate development offices are working to boost capabilities in many areas, including sensory perception, mobility, one-to-many command and control, and self-diagnostics.

This webinar provides a window into the technologies behind next-generation robots. Join host Bruce Rayner and his panel of industry and academic experts as they discuss the latest developments in software, hardware, and materials that are bringing robotic systems to life.

Who should attend:
Business and engineering managers, product marketing managers and design engineers in the automotive, factory automation, military and aerospace, medical and consumer products sectors.

Bruce Rayner
Bruce Rayner is a contributing editor and commentator for EETimes, and formerly the Editorial Director of EBN and Electronics Supply & Manufacturing, both United Business Media publications. He has been covering the business of electronics for over 20 years as a journalist, editor, conference organizer, researcher, and consultant.

Bruce Hall
Bruce Hall is President of Velodyne with responsibility for managing the day-to-day operations of the company, in particular spearheading the company’s development of new products. Bruce participated in the first two DARPA Grand Challenges as Team D.A.D., and brought to market the HDL-64E LIDAR sensor that was in use by all the top teams in the subsequent DARPA Urban Challenge. Prior to joining Velodyne, Bruce held positions as a Gartner Group Research Analyst, Senior Director of Product Management for Xevo Corporation and Vice President of Marketing at InCert Software and Trigent Software.

Emilie Kopp
Emilie Kopp is a Robotics Business Developer for National Instruments in Austin, Texas. She holds a master’s of science in mechanical engineering from Rice University and routinely blogs about robotics.

David Barrett
David Barrett is Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Design
Director of the SCOPE Program at Olin College in Wellesley, Mass. David’s experience includes Prior to joining the Olin faculty David was Vice President of Engineering at the iRobot Corporation. Before iRobot, he held positions as Director of the Walt Disney Imagineering Corporation, Research Engineer at MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and Technical Director at Draper Laboratory. With over 25 years of experience in the robotics industry, David has built robotic systems for a wide variety of government, commercial and industrial customers.

Michael Fleming
Michael Fleming is CEO of TORC Technologies, a robotics engineering and product development company focused on unmanned and autonomous vehicle systems. A graduate of Virginia Tech, Michael launched the company, which is a recognized leader in tele-operated control and autonomous navigation solutions for unmanned vehicles.