Codelink provides processor debug views for source/assembly, registers, memories, variables, etc., that are completely synchronized with Questa/ModelSim logic waveforms. You can run Codelink during simulation; then, post-simulation, step forward and backward through the simulation in a matter of seconds. In this online Web seminar, you will learn how Codelink accelerates the diagnostic phase of processor-based designs using processor-driven tests.

Marc Bryan

Marc Bryan has been both a leading and contributing member of tool development teams for more than 24 years. Currently serving as the Product Marketing Manager for Mentor Graphics’ Codelink products, Bryan comes to Mentor after 5 and a half years with ARM’s tool division, where he managed system-level model and debug products for single and multi-core processor-based designs. A prior hands-on role at Korg R&D provided extensive embedded processor-based, system-level design and implementation experience.