The software communication overhead in networking
applications continues to grow. This makes it imperative to bring up the
software as early as possible in the context of a full system to both reduce the
overall development and debug cycle and to make sure that the setup can be
tested in a realistic setting. In this webinar we will show how you can use a
virtual prototype with a DesignWare Gigabit Ethernet model and ARM Cortex-A
processor models to simulate a network application like e.g. a server farm. We
will show how the virtual prototyping methodology not only enables software
development before hardware availability, but also helps reduce the actual
development and debug cycle. We will go on to show how virtual prototypes allow
software developers to keep an overview of what software tasks are going on at
any given time and create predictable test suites for this type of complex

Kaye, ARM

Robert Kaye is a Technical Specialist at ARM focusing on
system modelling. Robert has been with ARM for 7 years and prior to joining the
Fast Models team last year was responsible for a broad portfolio of products of
IP in the Fabric IP team including memory controllers. Robert has over 30 years
of experience in the semiconductor industry. Before joining ARM he worked at
Mentor Graphics on the development of hardware/software co-verification
solutions and at Texas Instruments in EDA development and ASIC applications

De Schutter, Synopsys

Tom De Schutter is the Product Marketing
Manager for System-Level Solutions at Synopsys. He joined Synopsys through the
acquisition of CoWare where Tom was product marketing manager for
transaction-level models. Tom has over 10 years of experience in system-level
design. Before joining the marketing team Tom led the transaction level modeling
team at CoWare.