Software development cycles for embedded systems can be delayed waiting for expensive development hardware. Remaining competitive in today’s market requires fast turn-around of fully-featured software that has been developed on a fully validated system

With ARM Fast Models, software development can begin prior to silicon availability. These extensively validated programmer’s view models provide access to ARM-based systems suitable for early software development. Used in conjunction with ARM Profiler and RealView and DS-5 Debuggers, the Fast Models can help developers debug, analyze, and optimize their applications throughout the development cycle.

Features of ARM Fast Models:

  • Run at speeds comparable to actual hardware for fast software execution and debug
  • Operating system-agnostic: Boot any OS such as Linux, Windows Embedded CE, and Symbian OS in seconds
  • Functionally accurate ARM Instruction Set Simulator, fully validated against ARM CPU designs
  • Simulation of advanced ARM technologies such as TrustZoneā„¢ NEON and VFP
  • Modeling of system peripherals such as Ethernet, LCD, keyboard and mouse

Attend this session to learn:

  • Virtual Platforms provide a solution for software development independent of hardware
  • Fast Models from ARM offers high-quality programmer’s view models
  • Fast Models are aligned with the IP Design Flow and ensure models are available when they are most needed, early in the design process.

Barry Spotts, Field Applications Engineer

Barry Spotts is currently an EDA Core Comptency Field Applications Engineer for ARM.  He has worked at Motorola, Avant!, Innoveda, and Summit Design as a CAD Engineer, Software Developer, and FAE integrating and supporting simulation technologies around SPICE, System Verilog, VHDL, SystemC based EDA technologies.