This webinar will take a deep dive into one of
the main challenges of the Internet of Things: There are multiple wireless
protocols which make it difficult to standardize a single language for all the
requirements across markets. It will present common use cases where talking
different wireless protocols is a key requirement.

The dual-PAN feature
allows a single radio to participate in two 802.15.4 based networks
simultaneously. We will technically examine the Dual-PAN feature as key solution
to provide translator between these different worlds.

What registrants will learn:

  • Multi-protocol challenges in the Internet of Things era.
  • Dual-PAN feature: Single radio participating in two networks with robust
    protocol specifications.
  • Freescale Dual-PAN offering translates into a cost efficient design.

Collins, Applications Engineer, Freescale

Eng. Alan Collins has more
than 5 years of working experience in Wireless technologies. He is currently
working in Freescale Applications Engineering team with primary focus in
business development activities and the wireless connectivity for the IoT and
Smart Energy market. In addition, He works as consultant and professor of
short-range Wireless network protocols for local companies and universities.