DisplayPort is emerging as the new display standard and has been increasingly adopted by the PC industry to succeed VGA, and to an extent DVI, as the primary display interface.  The DisplayPort Interoperability Guideline by VESA talks about Dual-mode DisplayPort  that allows easy interface with DVI1.0 and HDMI standards.  As DisplayPort is being used in more and more laptops and desktops, there is a strong need for robust interoperability with existing standards like VGA, DVI and HDMI.  This webinar will talk about the implementation of a Dual mode DisplayPort and mechanism by which it works with cable adaptors for connectivity with DVI1.0, HDMI and VGA. NXP has developed a full suite of DisplayPort solutions that includes DisplayPort multiplexers, level shifters, and VGA adapter providing seamless connectivity of DisplayPort to existing interfaces.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • The Dual-mode DisplayPort implementation
  • Technology behind DVI and HDMI level shifters
  • Basics of DisplayPort to VGA conversion
  • NXP’s DisplayPort portfolio

Who should attend?

  • System Architects and Hardware Developers planning to include DisplayPort in new designs
  • Engineers working on display standards

Ravi Shah, Applications Engineer – Interface Products,
NXP Semiconductors

Ravi is currently an Applications Engineer and Regional Marketing team member at NXP Semiconductors. In this role, he is responsible for supporting customers and marketing activities for NXP’s Interface Products portfolio. Prior to NXP, Ravi was at Cypress Semiconductors where worked on high speed serial interfaces, broadcast video solutions and Powerline communication.  Ravi holds a MSEE from University of Southern California.