The IoT era is upon us, with multiple smart connected devices in our homes, cars and on our bodies. New use-cases for smartphones and wearable devices are emerging, such as the call for always-on functionality – always listening, context aware, always connected devices. SoC vendors are required to process multiple MEMS sensors data with increased accuracy, allow for user commands via voice/face/gesture, support noise-free voice communication and high-quality audio playback, wirelessly connect via Bluetooth, while maintaining low-power operation. This webinar will address the challenges of building a low-power and highly integrated always-on solution for mobile and wearable devices.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to meet the low-power and integration requirements of wearable SoCs
  • How to add Bluetooth connectivity (4.1, LE, single/dual mode) to user-centric IoT devices at a minimal cost.
  • How to design an always-on application for multiple sensor-fusion processing (motion, voice, face)
  • How to implement a single DSP core solution for wireless audio devices

Who Should Attend:

This session should be attended by mobile AP, wearable and IoT chip architects and designers, and system engineers planning to implement always-on sensing and connectivity solutions for smart connected devices


Moshe Sheier
Director of Product Marketing, Audio & Voice, Marketing

Moshe Sheier serves as CEVA’s Director of Audio and Voice Product Marketing, overseeing DSP cores, application SW, and ecosystem management for Audio and Voice applications. He has twenty years of experience in the semiconductor IP and silicon industry in both development and managerial roles. Prior to this position, Mr. Sheier has managed Xilinx Inc. partner program in EMEA, and before that he held several positions at CEVA as Director of Support and the VLSI Department Manager for CEVA’s DSP business unit as well as for DSP Group. He holds several patents in the area of DSP architectures, a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Tel-Aviv University, and an M.B.A from the Open University of Israel.

Paddy McWilliams,
Product Marketing Director, Communications Division

Paddy McWilliams serves as Product Marketing Director of the Communications Business Unit of CEVA, covering Bluetooth and SATA/SAS technologies. Previously, Mr. McWilliams served as Engineering Director in Parthus Technologies prior to the merger with CEVA. Before joining Parthus/CEVA in 1998, he was with Nortel, holding different engineering design & management positions since 1989. Mr. McWilliams holds a MENG in Electronic Engineering from Queens University Belfast.

Eran Belaish,
Product Marketing Manager, Audio/Voice, Marketing

Eran Belaish serves as CEVA’s Marketing Manager of Audio and Voice Product Line, overseeing Audio and Voice processing, Android interfaces, wearable devices and Wireless Audio. Prior to this position, Mr. Belaish served as CEVA’s Senior Compiler Group Leader responsible for managing all Compiler related research and development and before that he held several engineering & management positions at CEVA since 2003. Mr. Belaish holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Tel-Aviv University.