Referring to agency current ratings is not enough when it comes to designing systems that require maximum power in a small space. As demands in the industry change, it is becoming increasingly important to consider power integrity engineering in the design and development process.

As a leader in the interconnect and power product industry, Molex has the experience and knowledge to get you up to speed on power connector engineering and its most recent applications. Our informative webinar will explain your connector options and factors that can affect electrical performance. And our experts will walk you through application requirements, as well as testing and interpreting data. We’ll show you how to make power integrity engineering work for you. Because Molex is not only developing more advanced products, we’re also shifting the balance of power in the connector industry.


Dan McGowan
Molex Incorporated
Connector Products Division

Dan is a Senior Project Engineer for high current power products at Molex. He has over 13 years of experience in connector engineering and holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan. Dan currently specializes in the development, analysis and characterization of high power interconnect solutions.

Michael Bean
Molex Incorporated
Connector Products Divis

Michael is a Global Product Manager for high current power products at Molex. He has been with Molex for 16 years and is a 26 year connector industry veteran in various sales, marketing, industry and product positions. Currently, Michael is responsible for many of the new power products being released by Molex into the market place.