Position sensors from ams offer best-in-class stray field immunity and superior durability, meeting the most challenging demands of safety-critical automotive applications and complying with stringent standards such as functional safety ISO26262.

This webinar discusses the challenges of driving electrification using immune position sensors, the technologies behind the sensors, and matches our portfolio to a wide range of automotive applications such as electric power steering, traction motors, pedal applications, chassis level, and gearbox/gearshift.

Attendees will learn:

  • Discuss challenges and demonstrate flexible and space-saving contactless sensor solutions
  • Background on magnetic and inductive-based technologies behind the sensor
  • Overview of ams positon sensor portfolio and the major automotive applications


Michael Pichler, Senior System Engineer, ams

Senior System Engineer for contactless magnetic and inductive position sensors, with a focus on motor control and angle sensing application within the automotive environment. Michael is also responsible for technical key account support regarding system design and sensor integration.