First commercial LTE networks have been launched and many more are expected to follow in near future. When deploying LTE it is of utmost importance to understand the key enablers of high system performance under real life conditions. Reduced data throughput experienced by the end user can have a variety of different causes. System performance and individual end user experience depend on the propagation conditions, the mobile device feedback, which is based on measurements, and the scheduling algorithm in the eNodeB.

This webinar will explain how to determine the end user performance in a real life LTE network. It provides the key performance indicators to measure and to analyse in order to detect the root of a potential challenge in the network. Based on real life LTE network measurements the coherence of test results will be explained and approaches for how to solve potential issues will be illustrated.

Meik Kottkamp, Technology Manager, Test & Measurement Division, Rohde & Schwarz
Meik Kottkamp is Technology Manager within the Test & Measurement Division of Rohde & Schwarz in Munich. He is responsible for strategic marketing and product portfolio development regarding LTE, LTE-Advanced, HSPA+ and EDGE Evolution. Meik joined Rohde & Schwarz in August 2007. From 1996 – 2007, he worked with Siemens Mobile Communication Networks and Terminals. As standardization manager he was leading a group responsible for the Siemens standardization strategy in 3GPP TSG RAN. Later he was involved in predevelopment projects on broadband technologies Flash OFDM, WiMAX and HSPA+. After creation of NSN in early 2007 he joined LTE product management group. Meik holds a degree of Electrical Engineering from the University of Hannover / Germany.

Christian Fischer, Product Manager, Drive Test Systems, Rohde & Schwarz
Christian Fischer is working since 2005 as a Product Manager for Drive Test Systems with Rohde & Schwarz Headquarters in Munich. After graduating in Electrical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich/Germany, Christian started with Vodafone Germany (by that time still Mannesmann Mobilfunk) as a Project Engineer, responsible for the technical coordination of the network rollout. Most of his network optimization experience he gained during the years after, working within the network optimization group in the same company. In 1999 he joined Nokia Networks as a Solution Manager for the complete Radio Access Network, dealing with the technical part for a group of companies of an European operator. Before joining Rohde & Schwarz, he made a one year excursion to the Automotive industry, working for Alpine Electronics as a Key Account Manager for a German car manufacturer, taking care of car displays.