The AVR XMEGA® delivers the industry’s leading combination of system performance and low-power features. With a Peripheral DMA controller, an innovative Peripheral Event System, crypto engine, and high-speed ADC and DAC, AVR® XMEGA pushes the boundaries for very low power, high-performance 8/16-bit MCUs. All AVR XMEGA devices are compatible with tinyAVR® and megaAVR® devices. Within the XMEGA family, devices are 100% code compatible across all devices from the smallest to the largest. This makes it possible to develop with any XMEGA device, and switch to any other XMEGA device later without having to change any code.

You will learn:

  • How to enable the picoPower®, super low power features of the AVR XMEGA. 
  • Advanced coverage of clock settings, event system and DMA usage, as well as sleep modes. 
  • Practical coding examples demonstrating how advanced power saving techniques can be accomplished in practical real-life applications. 

Andreas Eieland – AVR Product Marketing Manager

Andreas Eieland has worked as the AVR Product Marketing Manager since January 2007. Mr. Eieland worked as an Applications Engineer at Atmel’s AVR Product Center since 2005. Mr. Eieland holds a Master of Science degree from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.