Attend this one hour webinar to learn how to design with a new technology that is revolutionizing power supply design. InnoSwitch™ power-supply ICs combine primary, secondary and feedback circuits into a single, worldwide safety-rated, surface-mount package. Inside the new devices, highly accurate secondary-side direct voltage and current measurements are communicated across the safety isolation barrier using high-speed digital FluxLink™ technology. This new feedback technique provides precise control, saves space, improves reliability and transient response, all without an optocoupler.

Discover how new InnoSwitch ICs combine the simplicity and low component count of primary-side regulation with the high performance of secondary-side control, and get the efficiency of synchronous rectification, effectively at a lower cost. Learn the benefits of this new design approach and its implementation in chargers, appliances, industrial power supplies and more.

Attendees will learn:

  • Learn about the technology that produces highly-efficient, very accurate and reliable power supply circuits without an octocoupler
  • Key features and operation of InnoSwitch power conversion ICs adapter, charger, and auxiliary power supply design solutions
  • Best practices to meet global energy-efficiency standards

After this webinar, you will have the tools and knowledge you need to design the next generation of power supplies.


Shyam Dujari

Shyam has extensive semiconductor industry experience with a deep understanding of market adoption dynamics of new and emerging technologies. He has specific expertise in offline AC-DC power conversion markets. Early in his career, he designed mixed-signal analog ICs and microcontrollers. Shyam has held various roles in marketing and executive P&L management, with a track record of two successful analog semiconductor IPOs. He has a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from UT Austin and holds three U.S. patents.