FinFETs are emerging as the device of choice for
22-nm process nodes and beyond. They alleviate the leakage and the short channel
bottlenecks seen in planar technologies, but they also introduce new design
challenges for IP development, which require knowledge of and experience in
designing with FinFETs to ensure design success. This webinar addresses the
benefits and challenges of transitioning from planar to FinFET technologies and
their implications for IP design.

This webinar will focus

  • FinFET: the device – main features, differentiator from planar, attributes
  • Designing with FinFETs – The opportunities and the challenges
  • Reliability considerations for FinFETs

Length: 50
minutes + 10 minutes of Q&A

Who should attend: IP
design engineers and SoC design engineers.

Kawa, Group Director, Solutions Group, Synopsys

Jamil Kawa joined
Synopsys in 1998 and is currently a group director in the Solutions Group,
working on advanced nodes technology development for memories and IP. He is also
a member of the company’s Technology Roadmap Team and Patent Committee. Jamil
has held a variety of positions at Synopsys and has worked on DFM/DFY, 3-T SRAM
technology, corrugated substrate technology (for FinFET manufacturing), low
power design, and structured ASICs research. Jamil served as chairman of the
Custom Circuits committee of CICC for 2005-2007. He holds seven issued patents
and six pending patents in the areas of circuits and design architecture and has
authored/co-authored over 20 papers and articles. Jamil holds a Master’s degree
in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and an MBA
from Santa Clara University. He holds 7 issued patents and 6 pending ones in the
areas of circuits and design architecture and is the author / co-author of over
20 papers and articles.