tinyAVR devices are optimized for a wide range of applications that require a small but powerful microcontroller. The smallest tinyAVR measures only 2mm x 2mm making the family ideal for size constrained applications as a single chip solution in small systems, or as glue logic and distributed intelligence in larger systems. They are available with integrated A/D converter and EEPROM memory. By delivering Flash flexibility at Mask ROM prices, tinyAVR significantly cuts your time to market, while boosting your bottom line. 

What you will learn:

  • Advanced feature overview of the Atmel 6-pn tinyAVR family of picoPower devices
  • Key benefits and design techniques for reducing your system size requirements and power consumption
  • Key steps in evaluating the tinyAVR for your next project

Jukka Eskelinen, AVR Product Marketing Director

Jukka Eskelinen is product Marketing Director for tinyAVR product family. He has served Atmel since 1997. Prior to Atmel Jukka was Managing Director with Fincitec Components, a semiconductor start-up in Finland. From 1989 to 1996 he held various sales and marketing management positions with Planar System, and before that engineering management positions with Kone Corporation. Mr. Eskelinen holds a Master of Science degree from Helsinki University of Technology.

Andreas Eieland, AVR Product Marketing Manager 
Andreas Eieland has worked as the AVR Product Marketing Manager since January 2007. Mr. Eieland worked as an Applications Engineer at Atmel’s AVR Product Center since 2005. Mr. Eieland holds a Master of Science degree from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.