NXP’s LPC1788 microcontroller series features the ARM Cortex™-M3 core, integrated Graphic LCD controller. This webinar will introduce the LPC1788 product, discuss the RGB LCD controller and the LCD types it can efficiently drive, discuss bandwidth considerations, demonstrate its operation using the supporting libraries from NXP and third parties. Finally we summarize the tools support for the part including boards, LPCXpresso IDE and sample library code and application notes.

What attendees will learn:

  • Key benefits of the NXP LPC1788 family of microcontrollers
  • Focus on LCD and associated libraries and support
  • Tools and other support for the LPC1788

Who should attend?

  • Application Engineers, Distributor Sales Engineers, Design/Hardware Engineers, Product Quality Engineers, Test Engineers, System Architects, Engineering Management
  • Engineering Students

Kenneth Dwyer, Application Engineering Manager, NXP
Ken has over 16 years experience with ARM microcontrollers, hardware, and software development. He holds a First class honors Engineering degree from Trinity College Dublin and a Higher Diploma from Kevin St. DIT, Dublin, Ireland.