Presented by Analog Devices and Silica an Avnet Company.:
This webcast explores system design issues in three-phase inverter systems. The challenges associated with isolated gate drive and current/voltage sensing are discussed along with system design aspects such as bias supplies and overcurrent protection. Practical circuit implementations are described along with experimental investigations on the impact of parameters such as gate driver timing on system performance of a motor control system.

Who should attend:
Students and engineers who are interested in, or actively designing, inverter systems requiring isolated signal and drive, and who wish to obtain a better understanding of the system challenges and/or how ADI technology can help their design.


Dara O’Sullivan

Dara O’Sullivan is a senior system applications engineer with the Motor and Power Control team (MPC) within the Automation, Energy and Sensors business unit at Analog Devices. His area of expertise is power conversion and control in ac motor control applications. He received his B.E, M.Eng.Sc. and Ph.D. from University College Cork, Ireland, and has worked in industrial and renewable energy applications in a range of research, consultancy and industry positions since 2001.